Badshmuel Hardcore Photography

My name is Matvey, I make movies, but on my free time I love going to hardcore/rock/metal shows and take pictures for fun

Every Time I Die - Tusk And Temper

New York hardcore group Every Time I Die is currently recording new material at GodCity Studio in Salem, Massachusetts with producer Kurt Ballou of Converge

Some photos from my family vacation in Austria

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New cinematography reel!

That’s what I actually do for a living! Check it out!

Loma Prieta (CA) // Fucking Invincible (RI) // Creeper // Pretty Mouth @ Soybomb, 10/07/2013, Toronto

Teethmarks @ Bovine Sex Club, 30/05/13


Kvelertak + Black Tusk @ Wreck Room

Fisheye/Canon 5D Mark II

Every Time I Die @ Opera House

35mm Black & White film

camera: Zenit Horizon

Gallows + Barn Burner @ Lee’s Palace

Fisheye/Canon 5D Mark II

Refused @ Sound Academy

35mm Black & White film

camera: Zenit Horizon